Sunday, March 1, 2009

The amazing rescue of the Cat on my Dads roof.

At around 10 A.M on Friday Katy and JJ found a cat on my Dads roof.
Katy went to school then work and came home at midnight to find the cat still on the roof.
She went inside and told Kelly get a chair while she got a can of sardines and picked out all the bones with her hands so the Cat wouldn’t choke on them.
Katy then went into my Dads room and proceeded to put a pair of long socks on her hands to protect herself from getting scratched by the cat.
Meanwhile Dad is sleeping because it's after midnight.
So they went outside and Katy stood on a chair and put a plate of sardines on the roof to entice the cat to come closer but what she didn’t take into consideration was the slanted roof so the sardine juice poured off the plate and into her eyes, face, clothes and my Dads office chair. Meanwhile Kelly is making sure she doesn't fall off the chair and laughing hysterically, So they decide to get a bigger rolling chair and Kelly gets on the chair on her tip toes and was not able to grab the cat because she couldn't get a good grip on him with the socks on her hands.
After a few close calls and the chair rolling Kelly almost falls and decides to give up. Katy goes inside and decided it would be good idea to call the fire dept. While she was trying to get a hold of the fire dept. Kelly decides to call JJ at about 1 am to have him come over and help before Katy has the town of Buckeye rescue squad come out.
Not to mention wake up my Dad who is not going to be very happy when he finds out what is going on. By the time JJ got there the plate of sardines attracted another cat onto the roof. He gets onto the chair and yells at Katy there are now 2 cats on your roof and the cats want to be there and will get down when they want to.
Katy & JJ decided to give it one more try by Meowing at the cats and putting a towel on the edge of the roof with another can of sardines and thought if the cat would come onto the towel to eat the sardines they could pull the towel and the cat would come with it, all the meowing and sardines didn't work so JJ said it's 1:30am and I am going home the cat will get down on his own.
Katy decided to call her "Fun Size" friend Regino to climb onto the roof but he said it was to late and he wasn’t allowed to take his car out that late so she offered to go pick him up.
After realizing how far he lived she decided to give up for the night.
Saturday morning my Dad wakes up and goes out onto the porch to find a mess of sardines on the concrete,the wall and his towel on the roof.
Kelly woke up and my Dad told her to clean the damn porch and get the sardines off his walk way and wanted to know why his office chair smelled so bad? LOL Later that day after a few more attempts from my Dad, Hailey & Heather my dad calls me to bring him our ladder. I grabbed my camera of course and Erik grabbed the ladder.
My Dad gets up on the ladder and starts the here kitty kitty thing and the cat would only come close enough for my dad to rub the top of it's head but not close enough to grab. Mean while my Dad looks back at me and sees me taking pictures and says "What the Hell is the camera for? LOL..I say so I can blog about it and have picture to go along with it.
The cat doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of this and starts rubbing its back on the roof peak and walking around with a you cant catch me attitude.
Erik went to the garage and found the hard vacuum extender pole and an extension cord and made it into a lasso make shift animal catcher tool.
Kelly gets up on the ladder and try's petting the cat and has to stop because the cat starts swatting at her when she would grab it, Erik hands her the tool and she is able to get it around the neck of the cat and lowers it to the ground and then the cat goes running off with the extension cord and vacuum pole around his neck and my Dad starts yelling my cord and goes running after the cat, I personally was more worried about his vacuum pole but hey I was to busy laughing.LOL
My Dad was able to catch the cat and safely get the pole and extension cord back from the cat. The cat went into the neighbors yard where there was a bowl of food and water left out, so we are thinking it may have been their cat and they were trying to entice it with food and water to come down.
I sure hope the cat learned his lesson and stays off the roof but just incase he doesn't thanks to Erik we now have a cool vacuum pole/critter catcher tool to get it down.
Now the cat keeps coming back and hanging around the front door, probably hoping to get some sardines. Sorry it's so long but it was such an eventful rescue I couldn’t help but take pictures and blog about it.