Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Funny Things Kids Say

So this morning started out with some good laughs.
Hailey & Heather are going to go to my Dads house this morning to make breakfast.
Erik woke up and decided to have some frosted Mini Wheats.Hailey asked him if she could try it so he gave her a little square and she ate it and said "Eeww that tastes like eating sticks"..LOL
I thought Erik was going to choke on his Frosted Mini Wheats.
Hailey decided she wanted to call my Dad to find out when he was coming to get them and he didn’t answer so she left a message saying " Hi, This is Hailey, I want to know when you are coming to get us because I am getting hungry and Daddy is feeding me sticks". LOL LOL LOL
Well he called back and told her that he would be here in 10 minutes and Heather says "oh wow I better get dressed because I am still in my JABAMAS.. what she meant to say was PAJAMAS. LOL Oh Gosh I can always count on my kids for a good laugh. :o)

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