Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Things Kids Say

I wanted to blog about something that Hailey said yesterday that made us die laughing.

My Grandmother was in town and was sewing some patches on Hailey's Karate Ghee and Hailey asked her what was inside the little drawer on the sewing machine?

My Grandma : " Oh it's just full of DooDads"

Hailey : " What are DooDads? "

Gramdma : "They are like Thingamajigs"

Erik: " They are like Whatchamacallits"

Hailey: Looks at me confused and says "What the Hell are they talking about?"

We all went Huuu...Then busted up laughing.Haileys eyes filled with tears and I asked her why she was crying and if she thought she was in trouble and she said YES.
So we explained to her that she was not in trouble but she was not allowed to say that anymore.I know we shouldn't have laughed but she was genuinely so confused and so innocent about it.

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The Wright's said...

That was hell-arious! Ha ha ha. No seriously, that is so funny. I am glad you wrote that down, that is something to be told years from now.